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What you actually need to know from the PC Gaming Show 2023

This year's cheery RPS fanzine show was very long, so we've boiled it down to its most essential trailers and announcements

Artwork from Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, Dune Awakening and Citizen Sleeper 2
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Cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer has their own NotE3 show, don't you know, which this year was packed with almost two and a half hours of fresh(ish) PC gaming announcements. There sure was a lot to get into - and many of the games we saw didn't actually tell us anything new about them. So we've done the hard work for you and rounded up all the biggest and best announcements that caught our eye. So whether you're in need of a quick refresher or you missed it altogether, here are all the most exciting reveals from the PC Gaming Show 2023 that are worth knowing about.

Frostpunk 2 is coming in 2024

We've only see enigmatic CG teasers for Frostpunk 2 so far, and tonight's new trailer was more of that, only this time with a release year. It's coming in 2024. Maybe we'll get some gameplay the next time we hear about it. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Cyberpunk life sim Nivalis gets a chill and moody story trailer

We had a brief glimpse at Nivalis during one of the many other NotE3 streams this week, but this latest story trailer gives us a deeper look at the city streets we'll be chilling out in, the apartments we'll be furnishing, the fish we'll be fishing, the boats we'll be driving, and, err, the serial killer that will be stalking its streets too. Not so keen on that last one, if i'm honest. But the rest looks very nice. It's coming in 2024.

Jumplight Odyssey is getting a Steam Next Fest demo next week

A new trailer for League Of Geeks' colony sim roguelike didn't bring us any new footage, but it will be getting a Steam Next Fest demo next week on June 19th. I've been playing an early build of it already, so why not go and have a read of that while you're here, yeah?

Ebenezer Scrooge is now a Metroidvania?

Well I didn't see this one coming. If you're in need of a Christmas Carol-themed Metroidvania in your Steam library, I guess Ebenezer And The Invisible World will probably be exactly what you want under your digital tree this year. Seriously, who even signed off on this? Absolutely bonkers. Is that a Tiny Tim downkick finisher I spy in there as well? I mean, I guess it will have some good laughs if nothing else.

Dorf is a new RTS clambering for your C&C heartstrings

RTS likers, your next industrial heavy metal strategy game has arrived. Dorf - not to be confused with Dorfromantik (Ed. absolutely not to be confused with Dorfromantik) sure looks like it will fill that classic Command & Conquer void in our lives right now. You'll take control of one of three factions in this throwback RTS, constructing large bases, stripping the land of its resources and biffing your enemies into submission. No release date, but check it out on Steam if you're interested.

Sulfur is a singleplayer extraction shooter with cute demons

Sulfur is a cute singleplayer extraction shooter that sees you zap lots of fantasy critters with as many guns as you can fit in your inventory Tetris menu. You'll be exploring all manner of underground lairs from the looks of things, although I'm sure some of these guys are nicer than they look. Honestly, one demon just wants to bring you a package. The trailer also shows off some driving segments, too, presumably as you journey between dungeons to eventually extract yourself from. Consider me intrigued. No release date yet, but you can find out more on Steam.

Pax Dei is a new fantasy MMO inspired by medieval Europe

The developers behind Pax Dei told us about the core concepts of their new MMO fantasy game in a new behind the scenes trailer. Based in a world that has big medieval Europe vibes, you'll need to carve out a life for yourself here in this social sandbox MMO, building your own house, exploring dungeons and making a name for yourself. When it launches, the devs say you'll be chucked into a region that's inspired by the south of France, and there will be a dungeon full of folkloric monsters you can check out with your mates. When that will be though is anyone's guess. Find out more on Steam.

We got 60 more seconds of Path Of Exile 2 footage

We were told at Summer Game Fest that more info on Path Of Exile 2 would be coming next month, but here's another teeny trailer of it anyway, this time showing a different warrior biffing monsters from the other direction. There still isn't much to see here, and we'll likely still get a better idea of what's next with Path Of Exile 2 on July 28th.

Islands Of Insight is a shared multiplayer puzzle game

If you thought The Witness could be improved with realistic graphics and other people, then Islands Of Insight will probably check a lot of boxes for you. Its open fantasy world is shared with other players, you see, and the devs say you'll be able to explore it at your own pace. I'm not entirely sure how a multiplayer puzzle game will work in practice, but hey, there sure are a lot of them to sink your teeth into. Gawp at its pretty landscapes over on Steam.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin is getting an open beta

I'm well pumped for Frontier Developments' new Warhammer RTS, and the good news is that it's getting an open beta real soon ahead of its release. The open beta will be taking place on July 7th-10th, so mark your calendars, folks. This latest trailer also shows off tons of never before seen baddies, too - or at least compared to its reveal trailer we saw just a few weeks ago, that is. The table tops miniatures have been around for ages - and don't these video game versions look lovely?

Citizen Sleeper 2 is real, folks, and heck yes I'm so very pumped for it

Hot damn, I almost can't believe my eyes. The excellent Citizen Sleeper is getting a sequel and I cannot even tell you how pumped I am for it. Tonight's PC Gaming Show only showed off an animated reveal trailer for it, but I spoke with solo dev Jump Over The Age all about it earlier this week, so you can grab all the details right here.

Critter Cove is a chill island life sim

Watch out Animal Crossing, Critter Cove is coming for your lunch money. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. In this chill island sim, you play a human who rocks up on an island full of anthropomorphic animals, and you'll be fishing, farming and unearthing strange relics. Yep, that sure sounds like a certain Nintendo life sim right there. Critter Cove does at least add a touch of Wind Waker to proceedings, however, as you'll be able to sale between different islands in its archipelago on a little speedboat. Ssh, I know Kap'n does that for you as well in Animal Crossing. In any case, if that sounds like your jam, it's launching into Steam early access later this year.

Dread Pilots is a new Klei game coming in 2024

The latest game from Klei Entertainment, Dread Pilots seems to be asking the question: what if Sunless Sea was set in space? Viewed from a top-down perspective, you'll be piloting your ship across numerous star systems, extracting resources from the planet's surface, taking them back to base, and also fending off pirates while you're at it. I can't see much of that Klei special something so far, but hopefully we'll find out more about it soon.

Undead Inc is a hospital horror management sim

In this animated reveal trailer for management sim Undead Inc, the CEO of Endswell Medical dispatches a bunch of evil zombies in the basement of his hospital. It doesn't speak much to the management side of it, but hey, the world of big pharma was always a bit murky now, wasn't it? Judging by the screenshots on Steam, at least, it looks like we'll be in for some Fallout Shelter-style room management as we fend off the hordes of the undead.

Chimera is a post-apocalyptic shooter from the Green Hell devs

After the heat death of the universe, Earth has seemingly risen from the ashes to start afresh. Along with a couple of humans to tame the new, local wildlife, of course. From the developers behind Green Hell, this new FPS can be played solo or with up to four pals in co-op and will feature a mix of base building, exploration, resource management and, of course, shooting lots of monsters. More info will be coming later this year. In the meantime, you can find out more on Steam.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is coming August 17th

That's right, folks. The next stealth strategy from Desperados 3 and Shadow Tactics devs Mimimi Games is coming out real soon! It's arriving on Steam on August 17th, which is, like, just a couple of months away. Even better, it's getting a Steam Next Fest demo next week, which means you, too, can try it out for free ahead of its release.

Exo One devs are back with a new racing game

Flying discs are so last season. Now it's time to send space vehicles hurtling across the universe in Exo Rally Championship. In this off-road racing sim from the developers of Exo One, you'll be competing in career mode races, customising your rover and more. Will you rise to the top of the leaderboards? Find out when it launches next year on Steam.

Stormgate gets some pre-alpha 1v1 gameplay footage

Stormgate is an RTS from former StarCraft devs and tonight's trailer showed off some pre-alpha playtest matches. Some red guys get surprised by some blue guys who snuck through a nearby forest, but luckily the red team have some heavy mech units on hand to help with the whole defending of their base. Heavy units can't follow light units through the forest, though, so you'll need to use the terrain to your advantage to win matches. There's a lot more news about Stormgate coming later this year, too, but if you fancy getting involved right now, there's a closed beta you can sign up for now that's taking place in July.

Vampire Survivors is getting a big 1.5 update tomorrow (Monday!)

In the latest update for the phenomenal Vampire Survivors, you'll be entering a new stage called the Astral Stair, which will fling flying paintings at you and a spinning wheel that triggers random events in real-time. Survivor Yatta Cavalio will also earn themselves a brand-new form, and their Cherry Bomb attack will evolve into something extra shiny as well. Even better, it's coming tomorrow for free. What a treat!

Baldur's Gate 3 finally shows us actual Baldur's Gate

After an animated trailer explained the basic principle of Larian's epic RPG Baldur's Gate 3, we got a proper trailer that finally showed us the city that gives the game its name. Director Swen Vincke took us through how Larian created the titular city, and cor, it sure looks lovely. I can't wait to explore every last nook and cranny of it when it comes out of early access on August 31st.

Disclosure: Adam Smith, formerly of this parish (RPS in peace), is a writer at Larian on Baldur's Gate 3.

Earthless is new deckbuilding space game from the Hardspace: Shipbreaker devs

Just how many sci-fi games can Blackbird Interactive possibly house under one belt? In addition to Homeworld 3 and Hardspace: Shipbreaker, they've now got roguelike deckbuilder Earthless on the books, which is launching into early access sometime next year. The reveal trailer doesn't tell us much, but its Steam page shows we'll be navigating the vast stretches of space via a tactics grid that we'll be slapping down cards on. You'll need to forge a path, defend the people on your ship and make it to your destination in tact. I'm not gonna lie. I'm quietly pumped for this.

Nova Roma is a new Roman citybuilder

In this cute new citybuilder from the developers behind Kingdoms And Castles, you'll be building up your budding civilization, appeasing gods, and trying to avoid deadly natural disasters. Despite the trailer showing devastating floods, enormous lighting storms and a lot of things on fire, I'm really quite charmed by its bright, cartoon visuals and sunny terracotta rooftops. It's coming out in 2024, and you can find out more on Steam.

Last Train Home is a new WW1 RTS with added train management

Last Train Home is based on the real WW1 story of the Czechoslovak Legion, who had to cross Siberia by train to get their squad back home. As well as managing your troops on the train, you'll be engaging in real-time strategy battles at various stops across war-torn Russia. You'll also need to make a lot of tough decisions as you manage your resources and your troops' wellbeing. No release date yet, but you can find out more on Steam.

Sand will let you live out your Jawa fantasies in a new PvPvE open desert world

Sand is an open world PvPvE game where you'll explore the huge deserts of a planet named Sophie, according to its Steam page, even though it's technically set in an alternate history version of 1910. The trailer doesn't give much away, all told, but you will be channelling your inner Jawa as you build enormous desert mechs called Tramplers to traverse its barren wastelands. The Trampler will serve as your base as you explore the desert, and you'll also be able to team up with other players to travel around together and pool your loot. No word of a release date yet, but you can keep an eye on it on Steam.

Dune Awakening showed off a bunch of new alpha footage

And finally, to close us out we got a nice long look at a bunch of alpha footage of Funcom's Dune MMO this evening, and yes, I'm very much down for this. The devs say it's been built on five pillars: survival, politics and intrigue by siding with one of its factions, "infinite exploration", combined arms for seamless combat, and expression and customisation, which they say goes much further than clothing and accessories. If you want to be a fighter or a spy or a trader, you can do all of these things in Dune Awakening. Check it out in the trailer above, and over on its Steam page.

NotE3 and Summer Game Fest 2023 is over for another year. You can find out all the latest news by visiting our E3 2023 hub, or you can catch up with our round-up posts of everything that was announced at Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase, the PC Gaming Show, Day Of The Devs, and our top highlights from the Wholesome Direct.

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