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This dual monitor arm holds two 32-inch monitors and costs $15

An incredible deal for the Ergear EGCM1 dual monitor stand.

Monitor arms are brilliant. I've got three in my office, somehow, where they elevate my screens above my desk so that I can use all of the space below for my keyboard, mouse and other knicknacks without needing to awkwardly position things around the base of a monitor stand. They're a total game-changer that I couldn't go without - and thanks to this deal on Amazon US, soon you won't have to either.

You can currently pick up a dual-monitor stand that accommodates two monitors up to 32 inches in size or 17.6 pounds in weight for just $15 when you use code LHEMYSVN and you're an Amazon Prime member. That's an incredible deal for a dual monitor arm that normally costs $46 and comes with over 15,000 ratings with an average score of 90%.

The advantage of a dual monitor arm like this is that you can place two of the same (or similarly-sized) monitors right next to each other for a clean, seamless look. The monitor arm is height-adjustable, allowing you to affix each monitor at a comfortable position, with joints allowing you to fine-tune that positioning. You can even rotate your monitors to portrait mode if you prefer, which can be awesome for coding, web browsing and writing documents.

The monitor arm clamps onto your desk with a simple C-clamp, or can be affixed using a grommet if you're happy to drill a hole in your desk. I've been using clamped monitors for years, and have never had any issues - even with relatively flimsy wooden desks from Ikea.

Overall, this is an awesome price for a monitor stand of this size and quality, so do consider picking it up while this discount is still available - I can't imagine it'll last too long.

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