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Steam Summer Sale 2023 has launched and the Steam Deck is up to 20% off

Plus some games are cheap too

Steam's summer sale is live now and will run until July 13th. As always, there are discounts across all kinds of games, including 30% off Elden Ring, 70% off Need For Speed Unbound and 40% off Valheim. Of particular note: there's also up to 20% off the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck got a 10% discount for its birthday during the Steam Spring Sale back in March. At the time, Valve considered it a "one-time deal", but then I guess they realised that they like money. This time the discounts are staggered: you can get 10% off the 64GB edition, 15% off the 256GB edition, and 20% off the 512GB. You'll find the discounts here.

As always, the sale comes with various Steam cruft: there's a free sticker to claim each day; there's a "Summer seasonal badge"; and you can upgrade your badge via Summer Sale trading cards.

If you're just interested in games that are cheaper than normal, you can of course head to the Steam store and start browsing. There are so many discounts that it's hard to pick out any that truly stand out, but here are three more: Satisfactory is 45% off, Doom Eternal is 67% off, and Inscryption is 40% off. Or maybe visit today's list of our favourite games from 2023 so far and click the Steam links - a bunch of them are reduced.

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