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Space thriller Fort Solis releases this August

Looks like Dead Space, plays like... who knows?

A concerned man in a red space suit stands in a corridor in Fort Solis
Image Credit: Dear Villagers

Cinematic space horror Fort Solis is now releasing on August 22nd, publisher Dear Villagers have announced. The game follows engineer Jack Leary, who arrives on an isolated mining station on Mars. All seems to be going smoothly until, of course, some scary stuff happens, which forces Leary to hold out until the morning. Fort Solis is split between four chapters, letting us binge it like a Netflix show or take the spooks piece-by-piece.

None of the game’s trailers (including the one above) gives too much away about the sci-fi adventure. It’s definitely good-looking, but most of the footage we’ve seen shows our main man tip-toeing through dark corridors. That begs the question: what do you actually do in Fort Solis?

A recent press release says the game was inspired by choice-based adventures such as Firewatch and Until Dawn where players must “make crucial decisions” to solve the mystery of the fort's missing crew. More dialogue-heavy adventure rather than Dead Space-ish survival horror, then, it seems. There also seems to be a Mars rover you can drive, based on some Steam screenshots, but apart from that, I’m not sure shadows, emergency red lights, and a middle-aged man huffing and puffing are enough to keep me scared anymore. We’ll see what the game’s deal is in two months.

Fort Solis’ other big draw comes from the actors who you’ve surely seen and/or heard in other big games. Roger Clark (my beloved Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2) is the leading man here, while Julia Brown (from The Last Kingdom) and Troy Baker (from a million other games, like, say, Death Stranding) are cast in supporting roles.

Fort Solis will be available on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Mac on August 22nd. There’s currently no word on pricing.

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