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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: the sea, spaceships, and a cat

A look at some eyecatching upcoming indie games

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by undersea dread, a lot of pretty watercolours, big monsters, and an actual real cat.

Striking undersea scenes from explore-o-puzzler Silt:

Goodness me, French adventure story Dordogne is mighty pretty:

Monsters and the hunting thereof in The Axis Unseen, a solo game by a former Bethesda Fallout artist:

A pretty and pretty perilious scene from platformer Pepper Grinder:

Large-scale violence from Rogue Velocity 3D:

In celebration of Mother's Day (not UK Mother's Day, don't worry, you're safe), one bad mother in squad action game Blight:

I think this floral scene might just be an experiment with a blowy wind vertex shader, but it's a nice scene:

And the Moomins game still, damn:

The procedurally generated housing estate screensaver you never knew you wanted, from The Jean-Paul Software Screen Explosion (made by an RPS reader, I believe!):

And let's end on important behind-the-scenes QA footage from dinosaur survival horror Deathground:

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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