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Sayonara Wild Hearts devs are making a similarly stylish murder mystery

Lorelei And The Laser Eyes coming next year

Simogo are perhaps best known now for power pop rhythm game Sayonara Wild Hearts, but their next game, Lorelei And The Laser Eyes, looks like something of a return to their roots. It's a mystery game, a puzzle game, set in a baroque manor and - as per everything they make - dripping with style. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Well, I'm intrigued, even if I've very little idea what's going on. The description on the Lorelei Steam page isn't exactly a bulletpoint list of features, either.

"The stage is set. Imagine an old baroque manor, perhaps a hotel or a museum, somewhere in central Europe. A woman wanders in search of answers.

"An international auteur. What does he want? An aristocratic artist. Who killed her? A vagabond illusionist. Who is he?"

The setup reminds me mostly of Device 6, Simogo's texty, twisty mystery game for iOS, albeit smooshed with their newfound talent for stylish 3D. The trailer above seems to cycle through perspectives, with the camera sometimes in the corner of a room, sometimes high above, sometimes first-person. Plus, sometimes the world is depicted in wireframe, sometimes its edges are aliased like an old PSone horror game?

Simogo's previous game Sayonara Wild Hearts had a similarly romping approach to style and perspective. Alice B enjoyed it a lot, although found it a bit too clever for its own sake.

Personally, I'm happy to follow Simogo wherever they're going. Lorelei And The Laser Eyes is being published by Annapurna Interactive and is aiming to release next year.

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