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London Games Festival announces Official Selection of video games

To be showcased in Trafalgar Square, and around

April 1st will bring the start of the London Games Festival, a loosely affiliated series of events which almost inevitably involves some poor fella in a Sonic costume posing for press photos on Westminster Bridge. Today, the Festival announced its Official Selection, 33 games which will be showcased online and in various events. Some good games in there, including PowerWash Simulator and Failbetter's Mask Of The Rose.

The 2022 London Games Festival will run the 1st-10th of April. The Official Selection will be featured in a showcase at their Trafalgar Square Exhibition, as well as in an online showcase. Some will have demos available, and apparently some "will release special content" during the festival. A few will be scattered across other LGF-affiliated events, like the Curios exhibition at W.A.S.D, a video games event at some place named Tobacco Dock? Never heard of it. Shouldn't smoke near games; you'll gum up your fans with nicotine.

Yer Official Selection lineup this year comes in four categories:

Made In London

  • Amata App (Amata World)
  • Beatstar (Space Ape Games)
  • Citizen Sleeper (Jump Over the Age)
  • Hellscreen (Jamie Degen)
  • Mask of the Rose (Failbetter Games)
  • Operation Outsmart (Unifiq Games)
  • Paper Trail (Newfangled Games)
  • Whispers in the West (Team Dissonant)

International Innovators

  • Albert Wilde: The Quantum P.I. (beyondthosehills)
  • Count On Me (Akribian)
  • Grimoire Groves (Stardust)
  • Lab Rat (Chump Squad)
  • Mythbusters: The Game (Byte Barrel)
  • Orbisia (Weaveractive)
  • SCHiM (Ewoud van der Werf)
  • Swing Dunk (BucketPlay)
  • Unaki (Shatterplay Studios)

Narrative Excellence

  • RichCast (Panivox)
  • Silt (Spiral Circus)
  • Spellbound: The Magic Within (Wyrdren Games)
  • Tamarindos Freaking Dinner (Celery Emblem)
  • The Adventure Is Real (The Adventure is Real)
  • The Burning Room (BetaJester)
  • The Fabulous Fear Machine (Fictiorama Studios)
  • The Wreck (The Pixel Hunt)
  • Unknown Number: A First Person Talker (godolphin games)

Games Are Good For You

  • City of Beats (Freedom Games)
  • Crooks Like Us (Out of Tune Games)
  • LumbearJack (Final Boss Games)
  • My Time at Sandrock (PatheaGames)
  • PowerWash Simulator (FuturLab)
  • Trolley Problem, Inc (Read-Graves)
  • Wholesome: Out And About (Yaldi Games)

Some good games in there. I hope they're taking advantage of the installation format to create a custom PowerWash Simulator out of a real powerwasher. Hell, just have a couple powerwashers and let people go wild with Nelson's Column.

See the London Games Festival site for more on the everything.

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