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Indiescovery Episode 13: Our favourite indie games from Not-E3 2023

Indie games fresher than Geoff's brand new trainers

Indiescovery is recorded a week before we release it, and never has this small time delay been more apparant than in our latest episode. Last week the temperature in the UK was (pardon my french) bonkers boiling. As we are professionals we recorded this episode with all of our windows closed and our fans turned off in order to avoid any unwanted background noise. Choosing to do this while sat in a British house during a heatwave actually violates several human rights laws, and we've all since been arrested for crimes against ourselves.

Oh, we also talk about our favourite indies from this year's Not-E3, which probably highlights the slight time delay more than the heat thing because in video game industry terms Not-E3 may as well have taken place 30 years ago. But listen, indie games are always relevant, aren't they? Plus I got to do a bit where I pretended to be a games executive in the intro so as far as I'm concerned it all worked out well in the end.

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Episode notes

We begin this episode talking about ghosts, because of course we do. We also chat about E3's influence and our relationship with it as both fans and games journalists, but honestly that bit isn't nearly exciting as when we're chatting about spooky things that have happened to us. Eventually, we remember what this podcast is about, moving on to talk about our favourite games from this year's endless parade of Not-E3 showcases.

Kicking us off, Rebecca can't wait to open her own portable second-hand bookshop in the brilliant looking Tiny Bookshop. She's also keen to get her hands on Still Wakes The Deep, an enigmatic horror game set aboard an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. Rachel on the other hand can't wait to play more of En Garde!, but she's also been enjoying clambering up cliff faces in Jusant and is intrigued by recursive puzzler Cocoon (which our Ed also reckons is good). True to form, Liam is excited for anti-capitalist cat game Revenant Hill, the gorgeous Sword Of The Sea and the quiet, rural vibes of Kibu.

Seeing as its pride month (happy pride month!) section two is all about our picks from Itch's generous Queer Games Bundle.

As always we wrap things up with our hyperfixations. Rachel has run out of things to watch, and insists you all give her recommendations by sending an email to podcast@rockpapershotgun.com. Rebecca has been reading Imogen, Obviously by Becky Albertalli and Liam has been reading Hot Milk by Deborah Levy.

Indiescovery is a podcast from RockPaperShotgun.com. All music is by Dylan Sitts; the songs are Tahoe Trip, Pool Sticker, and Express Check-in. Thanks for listening!

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