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The Cycle: Frontier Veltecite locations: The best place to find Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier

Here's where to go to find Veltecite in both Cycle: Frontier maps

Looking for Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier? Veltecite is one of the earliest materials that may give you a bit of trouble finding in the wild and wonderful lands of Fortuna III. Found mainly around water, these veins are fairly abundant but you still need to know where to go to find the highest concentration of Veltecite. Not least because you're probably gonna need a lot of it, for both quests and crafting items.

Below we'll show you the very best Veltecite farming locations in The Cycle: Frontier across both maps. Further down, we'll also explore the various things you can craft using different kinds of Veltecite, so that you can understand which types of Veltecite to keep and which to sell to your favourite faction.

Where to find Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier

Veltecite is the second ore type you'll encounter in The Cycle: Frontier, after the ever-present Nickel. Found inside purple-coloured ore rocks (as opposed to green for Nickel and orange for Titan Ore), it's also the type of ore with the most different variants: you've got Flawed, Cloudy, Clear, and Pure Veltecite, as well as the extremely rare Veltecite Heart. They all come from the same ore veins, so if you want to gather any of them, you'll need to know where to look.

Veltecite spawns near water (particularly waterfalls), but there are lots of waterfalls across both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls. So to help make your job easier, below we've listed the very best places to find Veltecite on both maps:

  1. North Swamp (Bright Sands)
  2. East Caverns (Bright Sands)
  3. North of Waterfall Labs (Bright Sands)
  4. North of Lagoon (Bright Sands)
  5. West of Science Campus (Bright Sands)
  6. Pinnacle Labs (Crescent Falls)
  7. Oasis (Crescent Falls)
  8. West of Starport Warehouse (Crescent Falls)

Here are all these locations marked on the maps:

A map of Bright Sands in The Cycle: Frontier, with the best locations to find Veltecite marked.
The best Veltecite farming locations on Bright Sands.
A map of Crescent Falls in The Cycle: Frontier, with the best locations to find Veltecite marked.
The best Veltecite farming locations on Crescent Falls.

Veltecite can be found on both maps, but Bright Sands has more locations where you can find high concentrations of Veltecite veins in one spot. And Bright Sands is much safer than Crescent Falls, so to get Veltecite in bulk you should stick to Bright Sands.

What is Veltecite used for in The Cycle: Frontier?

Most types of Veltecite are mainly used just for selling to your faction of choice to improve your standing with them. But there are some things that you can craft using certain kinds of Veltecite, particularly Clear Veltecite.

Here's everything you can make at the Gear Printer using Veltecite:

  • Rare Shield (15,000 K-Marks, 2 Zero Systems CPUs, 2 Cloudy Veltecite, 5 Rattler Skins)
  • All Extended, Quickdraw, and Extended Quickdraw Mags (8,000 K-Marks, 5 Pistons, 2 Co-Tec Multitools, 1 Clear Veltecite)
  • Tactical Foregrip (8,000 K-Marks, 5 Pistons, 2 Co-Tec Multitools, 1 Clear Veltecite)
  • NV Helmet (77,000 K-Marks, 4 Meteor Cores, 3 Pure Veltecite, 1 Alpha Crusher Heart)

Of these, you'll likely be crafting the Rare Shield the most often, so having a small supply of Cloudy Veltecite handy is always gonna be a good thing. I'd also suggest keeping a stack of Clear Veltecite in your stash so you can craft certain attachments as needed. Otherwise, unless you're planning on crafting the NV Helmet, I'd suggest selling all other Veltecite you come across.

That wraps up our guide to finding Veltecite in The Cycle: Frontier. If you're looking to arm yourself for the journey to Fortuna III's various waterfalls, you should check out our list of the best guns in The Cycle: Frontier. We've also got other item location guides for useful materials like Smart Mesh, Optic Glass, Pale Ivy Blossom, and more. And if you're just starting out, by far the best resource you'll find online will be our comprehensive The Cycle: Frontier beginner's guide.

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