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The Cycle: Frontier Miniature Reactor locations: Where to find Miniature Reactors in The Cycle: Frontier

Here's where to go to find Miniature Reactors

Looking for Miniature Reactors in The Cycle: Frontier? Finding Miniature Reactors is a slightly more involved process than finding most other items and materials in Yager's tense extraction shooter. There are only a few locations where you can find Miniature Reactors, and they're all locked behind doors which only open once you complete the area's puzzle.

Below we'll explain how the process of completing these puzzles works, alongside a map of all the Miniature Reactor locations in The Cycle: Frontier. Further down we'll also explore the different ways in which you can use Miniature Reactors once you've got your hands on them.

Where to find Miniature Reactors in The Cycle: Frontier

Miniature Reactors are valuable and rare materials that can only be found at specific locations in The Cycle: Frontier. Unlike most loot, these Miniature Reactors have a 100% spawn rate at their specific locations, but to get into these locations you have to complete certain puzzles which involve moving batteries into the correct locations.

You can only find Miniature Reactors naturally on Bright Sands. Here's where to find find them:

  1. Dig Site (Bright Sands)
  2. East Collection Point (Bright Sands)
  3. Water Facility (Bright Sands)

Here are all these locations marked on the map:

A map of Bright Sands in The Cycle: Frontier, with the locations of all Miniature Reactors highlighted.
All Miniature Reactor locations on Bright Sands.

These three locations are the only points on the map where you'll find these battery puzzles which, once completed, will yield you a Miniature Reactor as a reward. You'll have to follow the electrical wires to find the three batteries scattered about the area, and then slot all three batteries into the three slots outside the locked door to open it.

The player in The Cycle: Frontier carries a battery to its required location to complete a puzzle in the middle of a storm.
These batteries must be placed in their correct sockets to open the door where the Miniature Reactor resides in each of the above locations.

What are Miniature Reactors used for in The Cycle: Frontier?

Miniature Reactors are valuable resources, so if nothing else, they're worth selling to your favourite faction for K-Marks and faction points. But they can also be used for some useful quarters upgrades to both your Aurum generator and your Stash and Safe Pocket capacity.

In addition, you can craft the following items at the Gear Printer using Miniature Reactors:

  • Ultra Light Stock (8,000 K-Marks, 1 Shock Absorber, 1 Miniature Reactor)
  • Master Unit CPU (7,700 K-Marks, 4 Zero Systems CPUs, 1 Miniature Reactor, 2 Co-Tec Multitools)

Ultra Light Stocks are great high-tier attachments for improving a weapon's ADS time and equip time. Meanwhile, Master Unit CPUs are useful resources for further upgrading your Quarters. But in all honesty, the best uses for Miniature Reactors are completing quests or selling for faction points.

Earning Miniature Reactors by completing these battery puzzles can be quite dangerous work, as you have to stay in one place out in the open for some time. To get your skills up to the task, have a look at our The Cycle: Frontier beginner's guide, which is filled with useful tips and tricks for newer players. There's also our list of the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier, and our list of The Cycle: Frontier dead drop locations for when the time comes to deliver your Reactors to the right locations.

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