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Among Us infiltrates the world of TV with an upcoming animated series

From the creator of Infinity Train and the animators of Big Mouth

A red crew member from Among Us holds a finger over their face
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Among Us took the world by storm at the perfect time: when we were all stuck inside and paranoid about Imposters (family members) betraying us (swiping the last bit of edible food out of the fridge). Now, the hit multiplayer game will infiltrate the world of television, as developer Innersloth have teamed up with CBS’ animation crew to work on a new series based on the game.

Variety reports that the animated show will follow the same loose premise as the game: alien mimics sneak aboard a spacecraft, replace the crew, sabotage the ship, and start killing people via pointy tongues. That forces the surviving crew members to spot the Imposter or die trying. While Among Us: The Game has never tried to tell a proper story, the setup could fit quite nicely into a whodunnit murder mystery, complicated by the fact that everyone looks (and are shaped) the same.

My interest is piqued since Owen Dennis is steering this ship as showrunner/creator after helming four seasons of the very good Infinity Train animated series. Titmouse - the studio behind Netflix’s Big Mouth and Star Trek: Lower Decks - are on animating duty here too. So far, good talent all around. There’s currently no word on where the show will air since those talks have only just begun.

You might have heard that Hollywood is in the midst of a writer’s strike at the moment, leaving plenty of films and shows in limbo mid-development. The Among Us series is seemingly unaffected by the strike since it’s covered by the Animation Guild instead of the Writer’s Guild Of America.

Game adaptations to film and TV have been getting much better lately, particularly when they take the animated route, aka the thing that makes sense. Between Arkane, Castlevania, and even some of the Cuphead Show, I’m hopeful that Among Us could be good fun. It’ll have plenty of competition, though, between upcoming animated adaptations of Grounded, Gears Of War, Dead Cells, and Vampire Survivors all on the cards as well.

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